Thursday, April 30, 2009

The hidden time capsule

Listening to : Natalie Merchant - Motherland

When i was watching those document papers slip out piece by piece from the photostat machine, my little tiny brain had recall back certain memory in sudden.

Few weeks ago, we went back to Pasir Panjang in Negeri Sembilan ( hometown of my mum and kai ma ) for tomb sweeping. On the way home, Vivien asked me how she would be after 10 years.

Seriously, I think she gonna own few tens of credit card, few wardrobes stuffed with uncountable clothes/shoes and surely will be in debt( LARGE amount of debt ). Her friends have the same thought as well. So, Vivien Tan you better find a well-paid job or a rich guy as your boyfriend.

Then, how about myself?

I don't have any idea about that actually since i took a path which leads to numerous of unknown. If i have choose to further my study in accounting, the ME after ten years will be predictable then.

Back to 10 years ago which is year 1999( 8 years old ), I was damn ambitious to be a scientist that time. I wish i can invent lot of machines in order to help people and find out the way to get rid of those incurable sickness. Oh gosh, i was such an innocent and naive boy back then. Accountant was another option i have filled into the blank space. This is because accountant seems can earn a lot of money under influence of my kai ye. This has shown the realistic side of myself.

But right now, neither of these two will be my future job.

So, have you achieved what you wished for in ten years before? And how do you think I would be after ten years?

* Mum and dad are coming to KL tomorrow. Wheeeeeee =D

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The long sigh of a naive boy

Listening to : Jon Mclaughlin - Human

The weather is still that insanely hot, WTH. Actually, the enclosed office without proper cooling system is the reason I feel hot every second now. Kai ye, please ask somebody to service the air conditional if you don't want to see your kai zai died because of dehydrated while working.

Hookay, just forget the fact that I had been half-boiled and moves on.

Oh my, my scalp fur has reached the length that touches my eyes if I didn't push it aside. Looks like it's the time for me to a hair cut and i feel i want something short, quite short. So, I asked Vivien what hairstyle I can get next yesterday. She told me that I have nice cheekbone and anything will do it beside keep mentioning how cute her oppa taemin is. I was wondering is that such thing true before I get distracted by nice bokeh pictures she shown me and WII playing session with Willy boy. And then the conversation ended up with no result.

Vivien said my hair is ugly last time( Amy heard that ) but telling me it is nice now, confusing right? And both the hairstyles are the same obviously, okay?

It's been a bit lifeless after I came to KL since i only have to work and goes through a normal lifestyle. Oh well, at least I won't get hungry or can't sleep well anyway and I appreciate that. Thanks God.

Somehow and for some reason, i started to blog in English recently. Who knows this will continue for how long. Until then, everyone please has a good day. =D

Edited : The office has turned cool suddenly few minutes after i posted this. Isn't that a marvelous miracle. hehehe
Edited again : There are 3 people servicing the air conditional now. I just posted about that then they are here. Such coincident.

Monday, April 27, 2009

In the summer sunny days

Listening to Kelly Clarkson - Cry

Sigh, I'm back to work now after a week rest. The office is insanely HOT HOT HOT. I feel like I'm a piggy that being roasted in a super huge oven. I'm melting..melting..evaporating..evaporating..and gonna disappear soon...

Beside of melting, I have to drown immerse myself into hell-loads of paper work. The damn stubborn old photostat machine is bullying me by making sure the paper jam happened all the time.

Recently, the rhythm of my life has turned slower and slower compared to last time. What I have did in past few months were just some boring stuffs and etc(excluded yam-cha/movie sessions with my friends).

The fire inside my heart has been put off for a while now. Hopefully I'll get some sparks back after I started my further study in May. I will start to go to college on 7th of may in case you all want to know.

I have been looked at the sunset for few days and I totally love it. Opens up the window and let the wind blows through your face. It's refreshing and sensational. Isn't that an enjoyable moment?

Not forget to mention that I'm going to Taiwan this year for kai ye's annual company trip. My brother and his girlfriend are going along instead of my parent. Please, my class please don't clash with the trip.

That's all for now, I have to jump back to those paper works for the sake of my salary. Ciao.

*Darn it, the bloody hot weather makes me can't bersemangant at all. Holly crap, it's just an excuse for me to be lazy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009






其实, 我选择美术的那一刻起,各种压力的齿轮就开始咬合转动,无形中就存在着无名的枷锁套着我的双脚。当然,压力和枷锁的好朋友-问题与烦恼也不忘凑上几脚。不过,钥匙始终是在自己的手中,所以,我选择解开枷锁用双脚踏实地解决问题。



Thursday, April 16, 2009




安全地离开事发现场有特定的指示动作。首先,开启和登录大家各自的msn。再来,按下新加朋友的icon,等待格子pop out。然后,按ctrl+c把上面的暗号copy下来,ctrl+v地paste在instant messaging address。对,也别忘了在group那儿,标上friends。

最后,轻轻地,click一下add contact。看,很容易吧。


小弟我,5月7日就即将开学了,就读于美术学院-The One Academy。但是,目前为止我都还未能找到居住的房子。我现在需要的是两间房间,一间single room或medium room,而另一间是尽量要master room让我的女性朋友居住(她希望拥有自己的洗手间)。前提是,我们想要的房间都是自个儿住的,不想要sharing。



Monday, April 13, 2009

Just grab the star

Yes, I'm doubting whether I have the talent or not.
Yes, there are a lot of people that more talented than me.
Yes, I cannot draw well.
Yes, others can draw better than me.
Yes, I don't have the basic of drawing.
Yes, I have never learn the skills of drawing from any teacher.


who cares? At least, I don't care at all. =D

In my opinion, this is not a "I CAN OR CANNOT DO THIS" matter. It is a "I'M GOING OR NOT GOING TO DO IT" matter.

Since I have been given the chance, I just need to give it a damn try. Well, I can't deny that i will be needed to face some problems. But, what else i have to do beside solving them. :)

Actually, this post is dedicated to my friends or some random stranger who is facing hard time recently no matter in study or whatever problem. I'm such a optimism and lazy little boy which gonna reach 20 after two years..damn vivien, stop reminding me about this. I couldn't be bothered by such bitchy problem.

Pessimistic, please get your ass out of my friends' mind. There is no more place for you, they have already reserved all the space for me. My dear friends, right? I know "YES" is going to be the answer for the question. =D

Oh, the spring under the full moon is waiting for us.

Yea, today is my dear mummy's birthday. Mum, happy birthday and I do love you so much. (Yes, I have called my mum to wish her since I'm in KL currently and can't celebrate with her.)

P/S : Bibien, I did blog in english now!! Are you reading? You better did read it.
P/P/S : To others, please ignore my poor grammar. You can't see it. You can't see it. Did you saw something weird? Narh, sure you didn't. =D

Thursday, April 9, 2009










我上星期回到了吉隆坡,干妈当晚就中字了喔!然后,到现在为止,每买一次字,都会中(有时中正字,有时中局部,但都是有钱拿的)。而且而且,中的字不外都 是我的身份证号码,电话号码,生日号码,就连报读The One Academy给报名费拿到的收据上的号码都可以中。你看,是不是很神奇呢。



P/S : 我发现,我哥也应该是干妈的财子,哥那天叫干妈看金狮上写着的2882开了头奖。可惜,干妈买了一期没续期,所以没中。之前,只要哥有找干妈,干妈也是会中字的。

P/P/S : 买字也纯属怡情,别以为我的家人嗜赌。