Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thanks, Miss Guan

Raining. I was shocked when I heard the "BANG" as I step on the platform of the bus stop. That sound reminds me of the incident happened on my brother and the feeling appears again. My mind gone blank when I saw that was her car. I don't want that incident happens again and I can't afford to lose anyone from you guys. Luckily, she and the others are okay and he is there for her. Thanks God.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Listening to : Say Yes If You Love Me - Acid House Kings

最近,除了上一次的鲤鱼+相机paper relief,我也鲜少把自己的作品放上来了。其实,在那过后也有弄另一个paper sculpture,但是我觉得是简单到不能见人,所以就只放在房角去。不过,今天就放上之前刚刚交上的History project吧。






现在,我正在做着一个自己还蛮喜欢的design project,概念是maximalism,而主题是街道。为了不想和同学做相同的街道加上我不是很了解这里的街道的文化,我选择了关丹的主街-咸鱼街。毕竟,关丹是我的家乡,文化方面还了解得还蛮深入的。结果,就在我一直找照片和research时,弄得我思乡想家,魂不守舍般的。我几时才能会到关丹去呢?

若现在问我,有啥事情让我开心吗。我会回答,有,而且是3件事情-与部落格的朋友(json和anson,加上我hanson,大家名字后面都是son呢 XD)一起吃晚餐,看了某人的部落和简单地过了平静的一天。其实,开心真的是莫过于最简单的事了。

For idiotic yongcheng low and stupid singwei wei,

What I have done is because I really think both of you are the perfect match and you are the best for each other. I'm happy now when seeing you two around like that. It's enough for me when both of you are happy, I'm glad it turned out in this way. It's not easy for me to let go and put down before this, okay~ So, both of you better appreciate each other more than anything. And, treat me good as well. XD Don't you dare sweet until forget my existence. Or else, I will bite you two. :)

Best wishes from moron han.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm your dad and I said SLOW DOWN

The week before was such a hectic week.

*Rushing in order to finish 4 portraits of myself in different way with 250 essay each portrait for the history mid-term project. Sleep like dead corpse afterward.
*Did a mock up which looks like a polystyrene rice box for packaging design project.
*Drew 3 thumbnails of maximalism+RGB concept+animal themed for computer graphic final project.
*Finish a figure and first body figure drawing after I overslept. Luckily lecturer didn't collect the sketchbook since mine is unfinished.
*Designed a whole set of lower case alphabet based on flower-theme in proper proportion which looks like banana skin and some say condom.

Overall, everything is still under control except for the submission of documents for PTPTN. It was such a mess. I only got to know that the officer will be here after two days on Wednesday. While, I don't have all the needed documents on my hand. After some hardship, I still didn't get the enough things needed. But, in the morning of Friday, i finally managed to get everything. The part that made me mad was I have to queue up from about 11am until 4pm to get the submission done. Somemore, the incharged department didn't tell us to be fully prepared. My friends and me were running around to get the documents we missed. Furthermore, the officers and some of the students were so annoying to piss people off. Luckily it ended up I passed. Otherwise...

Thus, I was extremely late for the Calligraphy class and i felt insanely exhausted. I decided not to go to the Halloween Night then. After i got some rest, we went for a movie-Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Yea, that movie is quite amusing in my opinion. After the movie, I met one of my primary schoolmate and that day was her birthday! I got slight fever after the movie. Duh.

Now, I'm trying to get out of my safe territory and think out of the box in any aspect. Hopefully everything gonna be alright.

Starbucks is my another classroom.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Striked by lightning, BOOM

Listening to : The Buil Up - King of Convenience

Due to the reason that I have to respect my friend, the another part of our story will be uploaded after some times.

Quite amount of things had happened recently. This made me upset for certain time. Luckily, friends are around by my side whenever, wherever, and whatever. A lot of thanks i want to say to them. And, I think you all knew that I am talking about you. Cheng is right. I can't take yang from you all that much.

Well, i did learn that smiling when u are sad is actually quite simple. Just with few steps or actions then it will works. Credit goes to 鸡鸡 who can make me smile that easily. As he said, one more minute you feel happy, one minute less you feel sad. Hey 鸡鸡, you should apply them on yourself as well. Cheer up ya.

Thinking of the way to reduce stress, maybe i should go for some shopping. Loads of stuff are in my current wishlist. But narh, i don't have that much of money to be wasted just like that. Delicious meal or Starbucks would be okay and satisfy me.

Simplicity is just the most basic keynote to make your life great. *wink*

Benny's bed is just too comfortable for me to resist! Paiseh..

Monday, October 12, 2009














我们之间还有许多蛮相像的共同点-家里有着一辆我们出世时购买的Honda Accord,用着的同一系列斜背包都是朋友送的,背包和ATM卡都是同样颜色,橱柜里都是白T居多,一起喜欢着Retro的题材,目睹与经历过朋友友情上的纷争,同样很早就开始把心中的钥匙暗地里交给对方。就算到了现在,我们甚至...